Foreign media: China urged diplomats not to participate in the multinational meeting the Dalai Lama speak2016-05-26

[Global Times roundup on the 10th exclusive Reuters reported that China the multinational diplomats and United Nations officials sent a letter urging them not to take part in a 11th place at the Geneva meeting the Dalai Lama speak.

Reuters said Chinese missions in Geneva against the emergence of a Nobel Prize winner the Dalai Lama held in Geneva on. The letter said that the invitation to participate in the above activities Dalai violated China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, in violation of the purpose and principles of the Charter. China firmly opposes the Dalai in any country, any organization or any occasion, in any capacity or on behalf of the conduct separatist activities.

The report said that the signing date of this letter is March 8, announced that this event was held the same day. Activities sponsored by the United States and Canada. (Evans)

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